Adventures in Remodeling   2008-2009

It started out as a simple question “how much will cost to remodel the master bath?” and ended with a rebuild of the entire house. First you find out that you can’t quite fit a tub in the existing space so you ask how much to extend out the bath by 8 feet. Then you say, "well that looks strange by itself". I wonder what wil it cost to extend out the master bed room and the master bath both by 8 feet. Then you find it’s much less for the second part because much of the cost is site prep and tying to existing construction is more expensive than new construction. So you ask “how much to extend the entire back of the house 8 feet". Then you find that lumber comes in 8’ and 14’ and its not that much more expensive to just go the full 14’. Of course that leads to looking at the roof line and not wanting to waste space so you ask about a second floor. You get the idea.


Before and After